Belinda Fettke describes herself as a health disruptor and change-agent challenging the health benefit claims of the last 50 years of low fat high carb messaging. She has been researching the Vested Interests and Religious Ideology shaping our ‘plant-biased’ dietary and health guidelines since 2014.

She has been on a fascinating journey of self-discovery over the last few years, researching the history of religious ideology and its intersection with commercial vested interests intent on demonising animal protein and fats. Their symbiotic relationship has had a huge influence on our ‘plant-biased’ dietary and health guidelines.

I am not anti-religion, nor am I prejudiced against vegetarian ideology as a personal choice, but I am concerned about dietary dogma that negatively impacts health outcomes and attempts to ‘silence’ healthcare professionals from discussing evolutionary science.

“Science evolves by being challenged, not by being followed. Once you see the health benefits of LCHF/Keto principles you can never unsee them.”

Dr Gary Fettke

Debunking myths and exploring the evolution of the Plant-Based vegetarian guidelines

Firstly, I want to dispel the myths on Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat principles (LCHF) by asking why ‘Nutrition Science’ is the only science where those who view it through an evolutionary lens are mocked and persecuted, while those who ignore evolution are encouraged and supported?

Secondly, I will show that the world-wide Dietary Guidelines are becoming ‘Vegetarian’ … why else would recommending ‘Low Carbohydrate’ and ‘Saturated Animal Fats’ be condoned and punishable?

Thirdly, I want to explain who the defenders of the Dietary Guidelines are and why ideology is just as influential as the vested interests of the ‘Food and Pharmaceutical Industries’.

After discovering the pro cereal/grain/soy messaging, and the demonisation of animal protein and fats, were tied to industry and ideology I delved into the pages of history to discover “why?”

I founded in August 2017 as a way of sharing my research and was first invited to speak at a Low Carb Down Under event later that year.

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